What Is Smart Lock? And Should I Install One?

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    The evolution of locks paves the way to modern innovations in home security.

    In the old days, door locks consisted of wooden levers that rest against the opposing latch in the door frame.

    From then, you have padlocks and doorknobs, making safety better.

    From the different kinds of locks and wireless technology available in the market, lock automation was born.

    Who doesn’t like a lock that can operate on its own?

    The smart lock is one of the best inventions to improve convenience and accessibility of security.

    Smart locks can work with other aspects of your home to ensure that your residence is one integrated system.

    This type of lock is a worthy investment if you value comfort.

    There is no perfect security system in the world.

    However, good research can point you to the most advanced systems available in the market.

    You may wonder, “What is Smart Lock? And should I install one?”

    What is a smart lock?

    A smart lock is a lock that makes use of technology to function.

    Old padlocks and doorknobs only open and close when you insert the key in the mechanism and twist open the lock.

    With the smart lock, you don’t need to do that.

    This device can connect to the WIFI and Bluetooth.

    You can access the functions of the lock via remote controls like your smartphone or key fobs.

    The smart lock makes use of wireless technology and advanced encryption technologies.

    You don’t have to worry about keeping your smart locks less “hackable” from other people.

    Smart locks and smartphones are the new lock and key alternatives of modern security.

    What are the benefits of a smart lock?

    A smart lock is a step up from the basic lock and key.

    Because you have a wireless connection, you have wireless commands available for the lock.

    Professional smart lock installation services from LALA Locksmiths are present.

    Security isn’t the only thing upgrading.

    Your home system becomes better with more safety features guarding the premise.

    Keyless entry

    A lost key will never be a problem again.

    You are likely to lose the smaller key than your phone; if your phone has lock access, you don’t need to worry about this.

    You can control the unlock and lock functions of the door even if you’re still inside your driveway.

    Authorized access

    If you are not at home, you don’t need to hide a key in one random window sill.

    You can send a random code via text message to a visitor.

    Now, your visitor is allowed to go inside your home even without a key or you around.

    24/7 notifications

    A traditional key and lock don’t notify you when someone tries to open the door.

    You don’t know what’s going on with your lock when you’re not around.

    With the smart lock, you get alerts if somebody unlocks, locks, or attempts to open the door.

    Bump guard

    Unwanted individuals often use it to force open smart locks.

    Bump guards in the smart lock makes sure that the lock or keypad access doesn’t get hurt.

    It’s an additional protective layer to the lock within the frame.

    Smart key access

    You can opt not to use your smartphone to control the lock.

    Key fobs are always an option to control the door lock.

    A key fob is a remote control device that operates the smart lock when you’re in the vicinity.

    Smart home integration

    A smart lock is one of the most fundamental parts of smart home integration.

    If you aim to make your home more convenient and innovative, never miss out on modern locks.

    On top of protective functions, you can add monitoring activities to eye your property.

    The verdict: Do you need a Smart Lock?

    Should you install a smart lock?

    If you want easier home security that doesn’t compromise top safety, then YES.

    It’s an investment that will make your home life more connected and smoother.

    The additional features add defense to your home.

    With proper installation and regular inspection, the smart locks will last your home a lifetime.

    Are you ready to upgrade your home security to another level? Keep in touch with our team for lock services.

    “What is Smart Lock? And should I install one?”

    No matter what you choose, a lock will only serve its purpose with the proper services.

    Lock installation and lock maintenance is the only way in making your locks last long.

    Don’t compromise top-performing lock models with inefficient and inaccurate setups.

    Our team can install smart locks and integrate them safely into your household.

    We are LALA Locksmiths, and our team of locksmiths in Los Angeles can help you start your journey to an intelligent home.

    Give us a call or schedule an appointment with our team.

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