Master Key Lock System

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    Keys are the access points of every space inside your home.

    If most of your doors have locks and are equipped to stay locked, a key is necessary to open it anytime.

    It’s critical to have keys that give you access to essential parts of your home without sacrificing your protection.

    The last thing you want is to have all people who can open all parts of your space.

    It’s unsolicited and unnecessary.

    Only the common parts and general spaces at home should have access for all people.

    Whether it’s a family or a house guest, there should be a way for them to open the entertainment room without calling you every time.

    A master key lock system is the solution for this ordeal.

    It provides enough flexibility and accessibility to open common spaces in the household.

    Let’s put it in a commercial scenario where there are people who manage the physical space of an establishment.

    Cleaning personnel and security guards need to open all comfort rooms and designated entrances without wasting time.

    You can’t have one key for each stall or comfort room.

    Unless you want to have a hundred keys and inefficient waste of time, only one key should be designed to fit them all.

    LALA Locksmiths can design a master key lock system for your home.

    Now, you can have one key that can access multiple doors under its system.

    A master key can serve as the key to the areas in your house you want to be accessible.

    Imagine the terrace space, rooftop door, entertainment area, shared bathroom, reading room, and other rooms to have one key for control.

    Now you can have manageable spaces that are still as secure as your private rooms.

    How a master key works

    A master key can control several locks in the household.

    The locks can also have individual keys that open and close the door.

    You can think of the master key as the lock with a broader scope of locks inside your home.

    Whereas individual keys can result in a hundred keys for each lock, a master key can open several locks under it.

    Now, all your locked windows or glass doors and other locks can have one primary key but can still have their key.

    Master keys are also not authorized for urgent copies.

    It’s dangerous enough to have a key that opens many locks.

    It makes the space accessible at the same time too open, all in one go.

    The design of a master key involves a restriction with the lock itself.

    The restrictions don’t allow for a blank market copy to be possible.

    All master keys also have a serial identification to track and monitor all the keys that fall under them.

    This way, nobody can duplicate the master key or the individual keys of the locks.

    Why a master key is beneficial for your home

    A master key lock system poses many benefits for your home.

    Apart from the flexibility and accessibility of your locks, there is more to a master key.

    Restrict access

    A master key restricts access to spaces that you don’t want to be too open.

    It’s the inverse of keeping public spaces accessible at home.

    Since you have ONLY one key for many locks, only one person at a time can control the locks of that room.

    If you want to keep some areas of your home off-limits, put them under a master key, but eliminate their keys.

    Keep track of a master key

    You can track a master key that has smart features.

    If you want to design your own master key lock system, some models provide trace features via software and programs.

    You will know who has the key and its usage throughout the day; it’s possible to see that data now.

    Innovations in automated home security include accurate master key system tracking.

    Key management

    Having so many keys is dangerous and inefficient for your home.

    If an emergency happens, you don’t have the time to go through all the keys.

    You need one designated key to keep you and other people away from danger.

    A master key eliminates this risk when you have one access that opens many locks and entrance points.

    Unique key design

    You can’t just find YOUR master key in the market.

    Its unique design means that nobody in retail stores or duplication centers can take advantage of your key.

    The unique feature of the master key is best in keeping theft and home invasion attempts from happening with people who know about your home.

    Knowing that you’re the only one with that master key gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

    Where to design master key systems for home use

    If you are interested in setting up your master key lock system, residential locksmiths will help you.

    The concept is also available to commercial spaces with many authorized people going in and out every day.

    If you are ready to invest in a master key and respective locks, contact us.

    We want you to get the safety and comfortable accessibility you deserve.

    Here at LALA Locksmiths, we can help you achieve that.

    We are available in Los Angeles, and we offer locksmith services in Los Angeles as well.

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