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    A lock re key is one of the options you can do to your locks.

    There are lock installations and repairs; there are lock replacements.

    A lock re key is a different service.

    It falls in between the standard lock services we can offer you.

    Locksmith services often focus on the locks only.

    People often forget that there are services for keys as well.

    It’s a two-way street for keys and locks and what you can do to a lock corresponds to your locks.

    If you have compromised keys, it’s safe to assume that your locks are open to anybody anytime.

    At LALA Locksmiths, we offer your locks a lock re key service.

    You don’t always need higher-end services that can cost more.

    A replacement and a repair can cost more depending on the condition of your lock.

    The lock rekey is available for both residential and commercial settings where key duplications are rampant.

    Lessen safety threats and protection risk.

    Consider getting a rekey to ensure that only the key you’re holding opens your doors.

    What is a lock rekey, exactly?

    A lock rekey means a change in the key mechanism of the pins in the locks.

    Locks are the easiest target to lock picks and accessible spare keys.

    What might happen is this:

    You move into a new apartment with a new set of keys, and the old tenants surrender that key to the owner.

    There is a chance it doesn’t exactly take away the risk of people opening your house out of nowhere.

    Now your owner and other duplication services have access to your place.

    Choose a lock re key if you want to have a fast and inexpensive way to limit lock access to you alone.

    Now, you don’t have to share copies of keys with your owner and other unwanted people.

    This service gives you privacy, protection, and limited access to your home.

    How much does it cost to get a lock rekey?

    A lock re key is not an expensive service to get.

    Since you are only taking into consideration a difference in key mechanism, the lock stays in place.

    In a replacement service or installation service, you spend for the service plus the new lock.

    The lock model alone can cost high depending on what you want to invest in.

    In repair services, subsequent repairs only stack up costs, and it’s sometimes as good as getting a new lock.

    The lock re key is a middle ground solution to offer you more protection.

    You can always ask for a quotation or free estimate to know what to expect for your rekeying service.

    There isn’t a one-price-fits-all to any service, so we can only give you proper estimates depending on the service you want.

    Can you DIY a rekey service?

    Do-It-Yourself works are trendy to people who want to save money.

    While the goal in home maintenance is to know your home more and offer it the best protection possible, it only works with experience.

    If it’s your first time doing a DIY on a rekeying service, it might be more harmful than helpful.

    One wrong move can damage the pins and mechanism of the locks.

    If impairment progresses to other parts, more damages will come to the locks and doors.

    You end up spending twice or thrice as much compared to professional service.

    You can do DIY, but it is in your lock’s best interest to get professional rekeying from us.

    Our residential locksmiths in Los Angeles can help you rekey your locks at affordable rates.

    Where can you get this service in Los Angeles?

    LALA Locksmiths gives you a rekey service for your locks at home.

    We can work with any locks you have that require an actual key unit.

    We tweak the pins of your home locks.

    Now, you don’t need to share your home’s access with anybody else.

    We are available in Los Angeles to give you all-around services for your locks or lock systems at home.

    Let’s work together to keep your home safe and protected from unwanted entry.

    Book us for your lock re key, and we will be with you during your appointment.

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