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    Need a Peephole Installation Service?

    A peephole is a simple device that increases security to your door.

    It’s necessary, so you know who is on the other side of the door.

    When you have unexpected guests or strangers knocking, you don’t need to worry about opening the door to see.

    A peephole does the job of giving them away.

    When you see unwanted individuals on the other side of the entry, you can call for additional help right away.

    You have spare seconds or moments to alert other people about attempted break-ins to your space.

    A peephole is also known as a door viewer or spyhole.

    Other people call it a door hole because it’s a glass hole through the door that you can look through.

    It’s not safe to open to people who you are not expecting.

    Stay vigilant against unsolicited guests in your area.

    If you don’t have a door viewer yet, it’s never too late to install one.

    It’s an affordable option to keep your door safer.

    Our installation services don’t cost a lot.

    You don’t need to worry about spending thousands of dollars to book us.

    Our work in LALA Locksmiths is accessible to everybody in Los Angeles.

    We want you to get affordable yet high-quality peephole installation.

    Keep your place safer, and add a peephole in your door structure.

    Different types of peepholes

    There’s a wide range of door viewers you can choose from.

    There are many brands and models in the market.

    Currently, you don’t only have the option of a typical fish-eye lens that goes through the hole.

    Standard peephole

    A standard peephole or door viewer is the most common peephole in the market.

    It’s inexpensive and simple to install and can exist in many materials.

    Because of its small size, the standard peephole has limited viewing scope through the door.

    It would help if you also had additional protection for the lens to stay in the best condition.

    Mini viewer

    A mini viewer is one of the smallest peepholes available.

    It’s barely noticeable in the doors and smaller than an inch.

    Don’t underestimate its power.

    This small door viewer offers a very clear view of who is on the other side of the door.

    Mini scope

    A mini scope is the smallest peepholes available today.

    It offers a clear view despite being the most miniature model.

    A mini scope works best for thin doors.

    It offers a wide-angle lens of up to 200 degrees despite its sheer size.

    Digital viewer

    A digital viewer is a more advanced version of the other door viewers.

    It is used along with electronic home securities and can monitor door activities.

    A digital door viewer connects to a camera setup and screen.

    You can easily see through the screen outside, and you don’t need to step near the doors to do that.

    Night vision viewer

    The truth is a lot of unwanted individuals attempt to break in during the night.

    When you can’t monitor the door during darker hours, a night vision viewer does the job for you.

    Night vision door viewers are electronic door viewers as well.

    Maximize the use of the peephole and monitor night-time activities with camera and screen monitors.

    DIY vs. professional service

    Many people don’t get things right the first time around.

    The same applies to installing a door scope along with your door.

    The only difference is, if you commit a mistake during the DIY, you can’t retract it anymore.

    A hole in the door remains a hole unless you spend another door repair service or door replacement.

    A good service is always necessary for high-skill work.

    Our team didn’t just go through one day of work to get high expertise on all kinds of lock service.

    We undergo constant training to offer only excellent and accurate installations.

    Our experience alone can vouch for our peephole installation.

    Peephole installation from our residential locksmiths

    We are proud to have a team of professionals who can work with your doors in Los Angeles.

    A peephole installation looks like a simple job.

    This simple job takes precision and accuracy to work.

    You can’t just attempt to cut out a circle in your door unless you want to have holes that are off.

    It would be best to put the door viewer at an optimal height to identify other people quickly.

    Our residential locksmiths in Los Angeles can carve the necessary opening in your door and position the door viewer.

    LALA Locksmiths offers bookings for peephole installation services during your spare schedule.

    We also have on-call locksmiths for more urgent requests.

    All you need to do is call us for the job.

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