Panic Bar Door Lock

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    There are many kinds of locks you see every day.

    A panic bar door lock is standard in commercial establishments.

    You may see one each time you go into a building, or you push open a door.

    You just didn’t have an idea what to call it.

    This device is a regular term in locksmith vocabulary.

    They are also known as push bar, panic bar, or crash bar and exist in different models.

    Panic bars are available in hardware stores and retail shops.

    You won’t find a shortage of these devices anywhere.

    If you find yourself considering an upgrade in your door entrance, inquire with a commercial locksmith in Los Angeles.

    A panic bar can make your commercial space more convenient and accessible.

    At LALA Locksmiths, we give installation services of panic bars.

    Our professional work is available for all commercial establishments and businesses in Los Angeles.

    No matter where you are in the area, you can call us to help upgrade your business safety.

    Invest in good additions to your business space, and we can start with the installation of your panic bars.

    Panic bar door lock mechanism

    A panic bar is a long horizontal metal bar that spans across your door length.

    You push the bar to open the door and go out.

    When you let go of the door, it swings back in place.

    The panic bar door lock then locks the door again to its latch.

    The original purpose of the panic bars is for crowd control.

    During emergency scenarios, people tend to panic and push through entrances to go out or gain access.

    When the panic bar is in place, it swings the door back, prompting slower traffic.

    This way, people don’t push through entrances and end up with injuries and more accidents.

    You can find panic bars on all kinds of doors.

    You can also find them in exit stair doors and emergency exits.

    As panic bars swing the door back in place, you don’t need to call another individual to open or close the door for you.

    Benefits of a panic bar door lock

    There are many benefits you can get from the panic bar upon its installation.

    It’s not just an additional safety measure standard to all kinds of establishments.

    Other factors make the panic bars the better choice as a door lock.


    Panic bars are convenient additions to a door.

    When you have a big commercial space, it can serve as a challenge to control door function all the time.

    The panic bar does the job for you by latching the door back in place.

    You don’t need to worry about going over to close it; it will close on its own eventually.

    Keyless access

    Panic bars don’t require keys to function.

    The keyless access means that when a customer comes in or goes out, you don’t need to stand up and go over.

    They need to push it without requiring a set key for the door.

    When there are emergencies, people can exit and egress as efficiently.

    Simple mechanism

    A panic bar has a simple mechanism to follow.

    You only need to push it open.

    It doesn’t require considerable force to open.

    Unless the door is heavy, you’ll need more work to push the door open than working the panic bar.


    These devices are affordable.

    Since they don’t contain other sorts of technology, they cost lower than other safety measures.

    They can cost as low as $100 for a safety device.

    The installation service we offer for the panic bars is affordable as well.


    Did you know that there are many ADA compliance standards today?

    The panic bar is one of the devices that need to follow these standards.

    All models and units of panic bars should allow for easy use to all kinds of individuals.

    Even the ones who have existing conditions present can push a panic bar to open a door.

    Panic bar installation services in Los Angeles

    Even if a panic bar door lock is a simple device, you still need expert service to set it up.

    It’s a safety device that adds convenient functions to place.

    For doors that have a different structure, you need some workaround to get the installation properly.

    We are confident in giving only excellent installation service here with LALA Locksmiths.

    You don’t need to look for commercial locksmiths anywhere else.

    We are available all the time, and we can help you.

    All you need to do is contact us for your inquiries and bookings.

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