Why Should You Rekey Your House

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    A rekey service is one of the most accessible services for your home.

    It’s not the same as a complete security haul and upgrade, but it helps improve home protection.

    Think of it as a security boost on a budget.

    It is a very affordable service for all homes in Los Angeles.

    You don’t need to compromise your home by waiting to save up for a complete lock change.

    Our team offers professional lock rekey service for you.

    You may start to wonder: “why should you rekey your house?”

    The most common reason is to keep the safety of your home.

    However, that’s not the only thing a rekey can give you.

    Our team is always ready for service appointments in case you want to change mechanisms in the lock.

    We are LALA Locksmiths, and we are the lock professionals who can give rekey service at any time.

    We want safety to be an accessible service for you.

    What is a lock rekey?

    A lock rekey is different from a lock change.

    In a lock change, you take out the entire lock and put a new lock to replace the old unit.

    A lock rekey works like this:

    Lock professionals replace the lock cylinder of the lock with a new one.

    This makes the old key inaccessible as only the old keyhole is compatible with the key.

    You will get a new key or set of keys for the replacement..

    What are the benefits of a lock rekey?

    On top of having new keys to a new lock, you get other benefits from a rekey.

    The goal of the service is to improve the safety of your home in an affordable option.

    Don’t limit yourself to stressing out for costly lock changes.

    Remember, you don’t only have one lock at home.

    There are other locks you need to consider.

    These are some reasons why should you rekey your house.

    More affordable option than a lock change

    The primary benefit of a lock service is cost-efficiency.

    With a lock rekey, you will spend less than buying and installing new lock sets in the door.

    You need a new lock cylinder and professional lock services.

    In contrast to a rekey, some lock change services also take weeks to complete.

    You aren’t only paying for one professional lock visit, you’re paying for the entire duration of the job.

    More time-efficient

    The rekey takes less time than upgrading the entire locks inside your home.

    If time is a constraint for you, this service is perfect.

    With experienced locksmiths in Los Angeles, this lock work can take minutes only.

    There’s no need to block off entire schedules to plan and execute the service.

    This job takes less time than you can imagine and won’t cause a hassle to your schedule.

    Master Key option

    A Master Key is one of the most valuable things for your home.

    If you plan to keep access within your locks, a lock rekey can put in locks that respond to one key only.

    Keep some parts of your home private or some areas open in general by one key.

    A Master Key is your solution to seamless key management.

    You don’t need to keep a large ring of keys that don’t work in opening all the locks.

    Design and aesthetics retention

    Sometimes, changing locks can change the look of your place.

    If you want to retain lock hardware to keep home aesthetics, you only need to change the internal components.

    If you invested in building the house, complete lock hardware sets are present in all doors and entrances.

    Many homeowners hold some preference to their current home accessories.

    If you wish to retain the design of your home, you only need to change the lock cylinder.

    Who can you call for efficient lock service? LALA Locksmiths will always take your call.

    LALA Locksmiths is one of the reliable lock services in the area.

    We have given our lock rekey services to many homes and businesses in Los Angeles.

    You don’t need to wait until you can afford to upgrade the security of your place.

    We are here to offer experienced professionals who can work on the locks and give you top-notch rekey works.

    Our team of lock technicians works efficiently.

    We don’t need to spend the entire day working your locks.

    Give us a call.

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