Rekeying Your Home in Los Angeles: What You Should Know

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    Whether you plan to improve your home security or you have just moved to a new place, a rekey service is an option for you.

    Locks are part of the aesthetics of a property.

    It is best to retain them as they go with the home visuals you are aiming for.

    A rekey service guarantees that you can keep lock hardware compromising safety.

    You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars to have new locks in the structure.

    You will also end up spending on the installations of the new locks.

    Rekey services are available in professional lock services.

    Companies with expert locksmiths offer this service for all kinds of locks.

    You don’t need to worry about looking anywhere else for the locks in your place.

    LALA Locksmiths is available to rekey the locks you want.

    Our affordable services won’t burn your budget.

    You don’t need to spend big on purchasing other lock models and units.

    Sometimes, it’s all you need to keep your home safe.

    Some high-end brands will give the protection improvement as a rekey.

    You can mitigate costly additions to your home.

    When rekeying your home in Los Angeles, these are things you should know.

    Keep them in mind so that you know what to expect when you need to decide on your locks.

    Rekey is different from a lock change

    Rekeying a lock is different from a lock change.

    The rekey is a partial lock modification where only the lock cylinder gets a replacement.

    On the other hand, a lock change means getting the entire lock out of the frame and replacing it with new locks.

    In both services, you need to buy parts of the locks to make the necessary changes.

    A lock rekey costs less because it only needs the cylinder for the lock.

    In contrast, a complete lock change requires you to buy other parts like handles, knobs and latches.

    Rekey takes less time

    A lock change can take days and weeks to finish.

    If you’re locking in a schedule to make this a home project that involves all door locks, expect the lock change to last weeks.

    A rekey only takes minutes or hours, depending on how many locks you need to rekey.

    If you have no time in your day to wait for lock changes, a rekey does the job.

    With efficient locksmiths like us, we can complete the service with little time without sacrificing quality.

    All you need to do is book a job with us on your free schedule, and we can rekey your locks fast.

    You can have one Master Key for several locks

    Since you are only touching the lock cylinder, it’s possible to get lock cylinders to the same key.

    Improve the key management in your home and get a rekey for all pertinent locks.

    If you want to manage the keys better, you only need to change the cylinders of the locks to the same key.

    A Master Key can help improve the efficiency and protection of your space the way you want.

    It’s an affordable option for tightening key management in the same locks.

    Control the access of your spaces at home by having a Master Key.

    Limit the number of rekeys

    When you tamper with the lock mechanisms, there’s a limitation you need to remember.

    Never forget that you’re going through the locks to replace the lock cylinder.

    The lock becomes more prone to damage and loosens when you keep prying it open.

    Make it a rule to rekey the locks a maximum of about five times.

    Anything other than that can cause risks and damages to the lock itself.

    This affects you in two ways: the rekey becomes ineffective, and you make your home more vulnerable to threats.

    Only eligible locks can get a rekey

    Damaged locks are risky to rekey.

    The damages in the parts can make the lock more fragile and weak.

    Locks malfunction from lack of lock repairs.

    Only eligible locks that are in good condition can qualify for a rekey.

    Remember, locks wear out over time as well.

    A complete lock change is more suitable if you have broken locks already.

    Call our team for a lock rekey. Our locksmiths have vast experience in giving lock services to all kinds of locks.

    We are LALA Locksmiths, and we offer our rekeying services in Los Angeles homes.

    Our mobile locksmiths can go to you upon calling for a rekey.

    We understand the urgency of emergencies, and we can be with you in no time.

    Give us a call for your rekey services and get a boost in your home security.

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