How Often Should A Business In Los Angeles Rekey Its Locks?

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    A safe commercial space is good for business.

    When you run your enterprise, you always need to keep it well-protected.

    Safeguard your assets, inventory, and cash inside the establishment to prevent business problems.

    On top of keeping the space itself safe, there are other reasons as to why you should get professional lock services.

    You need a key partner to make sure that you have an accessible lock and key services.

    We are LALA Locksmiths, and we help make business spaces and commercial areas in Los Angeles safer.

    We offer affordable lock and key services to accompany your business.

    Call us so we can give you exceptional work on your business locks.

    It won’t help you if you keep stressing out about break-ins and attempted invasions to your place of commerce.

    Step up the locks, so you have a more well-equipped business space.

    One of the most common services you can get is a rekey service.

    Our professional rekey services are available for all kinds of locks in the business.

    We aren’t limited to one brand or model of lock.

    Our expertise encompasses all locks for business spaces.

    Whether it’s a Grade A lock or a simple doorknob to the restroom, call us for rekeying services.

    What is a business lock rekey?

    You may think that a lock change and a lock rekey are the same.

    After all, they give you new set of door keys and door locks in the business.

    They’re different.

    A rekey means changing only a part of the lock.

    In contrast to a lock change where you completely remove the lock along with the hardware out of place, a rekey only involves the lock cylinder.

    You will spend more on a lock change in terms of price and cost as you choose a complete lock replacement.

    For a lock rekey, you will only buy the cylinder and spend on installing the new lock cylinder itself.

    You’re not changing the entire lock of the business.

    Changing only the keys can benefit you and retain the aesthetics of your commercial space.

    Is it time to rekey the business locks?

    A rekey can be a tricky event to schedule.

    When do you need to rekey the business, and how often should a business in Los Angeles rekey its locks?

    You want to strike a balance where you don’t always spend a significant amount for the rekey service, but you don’t make the commercial space too accessible.

    The business should be safe at the same time cost-efficient.

    If you want to follow a guide, consider these scenarios when booking for a rekey service from LALA Locksmiths.

    Unauthorized lock access

    You can’t always rekey every time somebody leaves your team.

    It can be expensive and time-consuming for each booking you make.

    On the other hand, you can’t have previous employees walking around with a key to the business.

    It pays to be consistent so set a reasonable turn-over number before your book for the service.

    For example, if you have small-size commerce, make it a rule that you book for a rekey for every five people who are not with your team anymore.

    Invasion attempts and break-in threats to the business

    The most notable and obvious sign of a rekey is a threat to security.

    If you experience a possible theft with damaged locks in the business, it’s time to book for a service.

    Don’t wait for the time that people thoroughly sweep through the place before you change the keys.

    You will soon have an empty commercial space with a lot of vulnerabilities.

    More importantly, the threat to your workplace safety will not lessen with compromised locks.

    Do you need an urgent rekey service? Give our team of lock technicians a call.

    How often should a business in Los Angeles rekey its locks?

    It depends on your business and the degree of safety you want to keep.

    Most businesses perform a security audit and space inspection first to know the condition of the place.

    As a rule of thumb, make a rekey every six months to two years of business operations.

    At least you are sure that for the time being, you have a fully protected business.

    Give us a call to rekey your business locks.

    Our team can work during after-hours to lessen distractions to your daily commercial activities.

    We are LALA Locksmiths, and we have mobile locksmiths in Los Angeles that can help you on-call.

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