Remote Keyless Systems Explained

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    Vehicles today have many options for comfort and better accessibility.

    You can rarely find a new car model in the market that doesn’t have this option.

    In old car models, you need to put in an actual key in the locks, twist it around and open the door.

    Right now, you only need to press a button from the remote for the car to function.

    You can even power the engine by using the remote programmed to command your vehicle.

    Remote Keyless System is a broad term with various applications.

    You’ll hear the term mostly in vehicular language because many keyless system applications impact the car market significantly.

    It’s an innovation in the field of car production.

    Professionals in some service fields also get training to understand and offer services to these systems.

    Locksmiths in Los Angeles have the technical skills to offer pertinent services to the system.

    You may be wondering, what is a Remote Keyless System, and what exactly does it do for you?

    We are LALA Locksmiths, and we are here to give you a guide: Remote Keyless System explained.

    What is a Remote Keyless System?

    In a Remote Keyless System, a remote device works to signal functions to the car.

    A remote device can control the car locks in the vehicle.

    A transmitter from the fob and a receiver inside the car work together to perform the function.

    Think of it as smart locks that you can access without an actual key.

    How does an RKS work?

    First, you need to have a device that transmits signals to the car.

    The car key fob is the remote control that sends the radio frequency to the car receiver.

    The car’s receiver gets the signal and decodes the command sent by the remote.

    Finally, the car system does the decoded command.

    The fobs aren’t the only device that can transmit the frequency.

    A smartphone is also a device that can give remote commands towards the car.

    The device works like a radio and its respective radio frequency signal:

    For American cars, 315 MHz; For European, Japanese and Asian models, 433.92 MHz.

    You have two options for remote control in the car.

    First, you have the car key fobs that you need to press to make the car work.

    Second, a Passive Keyless Entry works with proximity.

    The car opens while detecting the device in the vicinity.

    High-end luxury cars open automatically upon detecting the presence of the smart key in the area.

    What are the benefits of the system?

    There are plenty of advantages to using a Remote Keyless System.

    You’re not just getting a car that doesn’t require an actual key mechanism to work.

    There are other functions from the car key fobs as well.

    Remote Keyless Entry

    The keyless entry allows the doors to unlock and lock from a distance.

    In contrast to a keyless entry, a passive keyless entry is available for luxury cars.

    The PKE makes use of smart keys instead of key fobs to operate the car.

    Individuals stand in the car’s proximity, and it opens up immediately.

    Remote Keyless Ignition

    With a key fob, you can turn on the car.

    There’s no need to put a key in the ignition.

    Many key fobs have ignition keys built with the device as an alternative method of starting the car.

    The key serves as your backup in case the fobs don’t work.

    Safety system

    You can alert emergencies via the use of key fobs.

    Many car key fobs can send out car alarms and light signals.

    You now have safety measures that are more accessible in the key fob.

    If you experience possible burglary to your vehicle, press down the fobs to alert other people nearby.

    Convenience is always key in making life more efficient.

    The goal is to make cars easier to operate while maintaining the safety of the vehicle.

    Modern RKS systems also have preventive safety measures against the same vehicle types.

    You don’t have to worry about accidentally opening other cars.

    Remote Keyless Systems have rolling code systems present.

    You will always have unique codes matching the fobs to the car each time you open the vehicle.

    Do you need to program your cars and keys? Give us a call.

    The RKS is a smart system that needs necessary programming.

    It would be best to sync your cars and key fobs to assure you can use all the features of the device.

    LALA Locksmiths is here to give you that smart programming service for your ride.

    If you have new key fobs for your car, an initialization is necessary to make it work.

    Give us a call to make your car key fobs more usable to your car.

    We offer affordable service in Los Angeles.

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