Reasons Your Car Key Isn’t Working

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    There’s nothing worse than having a parked car that suddenly doesn’t respond to the key and keeps you out of nowhere.

    It becomes even more problematic if your car key doesn’t work.

    You’re never prepared for these situations, and the only thing you can do is call for help.

    If you’re lucky enough, you don’t run late for work as lock technicians fix your keys or cars.

    It is the start of a terrible day.

    What can you do except wait for professional help to assist you in your situation.

    If you ever encounter car key emergencies, you can call us.

    We are always available in Los Angeles, and our mobile locksmiths are present to give you lock and key services.

    Emergencies happen at any time, and we are always prepared for these urgent calls.

    Our team of qualified and trained lock technicians has the skill to attend to you.

    All you need to do is give us a call for this circumstance.

    LALA Locksmiths is your reliable go-to service for all car key-related situations.

    Before you call us, it’s best to know the causes of the breakdown.

    There are reasons your car key isn’t working.

    Damaged car locks

    Damaged car locks happen more often than you think.

    If you take your car out every day, you probably access all locks.

    Locks are prone to wearing out with too much keying over time.

    It means that the mechanism and lock cylinder may have moved or deformed over time.

    They become less and less responsive to the car keys you have.

    Damaged ignition

    The ignition cylinder is the key slot for your car keys so you can turn it on.

    You use the ignition cylinder all the time you take the car out.

    Damages in the ignition means are signs of other car problems as well.

    If you can’t get your car to power on, you need to get an inspection service.

    Book for repair to fix the ignition, and then book for a car inspection after.

    Broken key

    Car keys are the same as standard keys.

    They wear out and break as well after unexpected situations and times.

    A broken key stuck in your car lock or ignition causes problems to your transport.

    There are lock services that can answer the problem.

    Always be careful of your car keys as they can undergo many shape changes and deformations that result in a fragile key.

    Dysfunctional key fobs

    Key fobs are remote controls for cars.

    As a solution to convenience and remote accessibility, this device can help you turn on the car without using a key.

    It can also send out safety alarms for car protection.

    Many cars only use car key fobs to control the vehicle instead of an actual key.

    If the key fobs have damages or lack working batteries, they won’t work correctly.

    Key programming

    Getting a new key fob can be exciting.

    You now have the option to control your vehicle from afar.

    However, these keys also need a reprogram to sync with your car.

    If the car and the key fobs aren’t programmed together, the car system won’t detect commands from the fobs.

    Professional auto lock technicians have the right tools to reconfigure your system and fobs efficiently.

    Ineffective key copy

    It’s always a good idea to have a spare key ready at any time.

    Nevertheless, be careful in employing a new key copy.

    Key duplications become less useful when the car locks or ignition don’t fit the copy.

    This happens when many duplicates come from other copies and not from the original car key.

    The minor changes in the cuts in the key affect its efficacy in powering the car.

    Do you need help with the car keys and locks? Give us a call any time!

    If your key doesn’t work, don’t stress out so much.

    We are here as your locksmith in Los Angeles.

    We also have mobile locksmiths who are qualified lock technicians who are skilled to be on call.

    LALA Locksmiths knows the importance of urgent service and fast response.

    Your car can’t wait long enough until you drive it home.

    Give us a call if you need help.

    For every reason your car key isn’t working, we have a working solution to give you peace of mind.

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