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    Every property owner is responsible for the regular lock change in their property.

    Locks wear out over time from constant movement and use.

    You don’t need to worry about selecting the next lock for your property.

    There are many lock innovations available in the market.

    You won’t run out of choices to choose the locks that your current security needs.

    Choose your next locks and get proper lock change service in Los Angeles.

    Locks are only as good as their installation and setup.

    If you have a Grade A lock that doesn’t fit properly in the door frames, it won’t increase the protection of your property.

    Both the lock and its installation service go together to ensure that the locks give optimal protection.

    Good news!

    The only thing you need to worry about is picking out the new lock.

    We can handle the lock change afterwards.

    We are LALA Locksmiths, and our team of lock professionals is always here to give your locks the work they need.

    Give us a call after you pick out the perfect lock for your next lock change.

    Reasons to change locks

    There’s a right time to change your locks.

    If you are worried about a lock change being expensive, look out for some common causes for a lock change.

    Ultimately, as the property owner, you have the final say about when to change your locks.

    Consider these scenarios for when you decide on a lock change service in Los Angeles.

    The lock is very old

    Jog back your memory and think about the age of the locks.

    If the door locks went through many occupants or tenants already, you need to change it.

    An old lock is easy to bypass and destroy.

    External conditions may have caused some minor deformities that built up over time.

    Moreover, old locks also have external hardware that’s easier to remove and take apart.

    Multiple rekey

    A rekey is a service that changes the lock cylinder of the old lock to match new keys.

    There is a limit of rekeys before the lock is ineligible for more key changes.

    The limit for lock rekeys is five times, and any more rekeys weaken the structure of the lock.

    Getting more rekey makes the locks more susceptible to damage.

    Eventually, the locks won’t hold in place, and you have a door that’s easy to access.

    There are significant damages

    Damages in the lock mechanism pile up over time.

    A damaged lock compromises the safety of the property.

    If you own a residential property, constant damages to the lock can make your residence inviting.

    If you own a commercial space, you risk outside threats to your business when you’re not around.

    Damaged locks require immediate lock change service.

    Attempted invasion in the property

    Most locks show signs of damage in its hardware after applying force.

    There’s another tell-tale sign that you should get a lock change.

    It’s risky to leave out the locks for that long after an attempted intrusion.

    Unchanged locks lead to more property invasions, burglary, and compromised securities.

    Other people may come back sometime soon if you still have the same locks in place.

    Upgrading property security

    Is it time to step up your protection?

    A lock change is one of the options you can consider.

    If you’re looking to make security tighter, you can start with the most basic access points in the area.

    Your locks are one of the most significant aspects of security upgrades.

    If you also plan to revamp into an automated smart home, why not include the smart locks to make things easier?

    Changing your lock and keys has never been this easy. Call us for professional service!

    We are LALA Locksmiths, and we offer our professional work to change into the best locks for your property.

    Our company has given lock change service in many residences and business spaces in Los Angeles.

    We also offer emergency lock change service any time of the day.

    You can trust us to handle your locks in a very discreet manner.

    Rest assured that your new locks can give you the new level of security that you need.

    Call our team of locksmiths in Los Angeles to get a service.

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